Film Fayette assists in bringing film and television production to Fayette County, Georgia.

The FCDA Locations Coordinator maintains a Fayette locations database and provides location scouting assistance. Just a 20-minute drive from the world’s most traveled airport Hartsfield-Jackson, Fayette boasts a variety of film locations to bring your story to life including corporate campuses, historic landmarks, and recreational and cultural settings.

The Fayette County Development Authority is pleased to present the Film Industry Impact Report that we commissioned in 2023 from Boyette Strategic Advisors. This report highlights and evaluates the impact of the film industry in Fayette County. Please read more below.


Film Permits

Permits are required to film on public property and in some areas on private property if the town/city deems it necessary. In general, permits are not required for shooting on private property beyond the owner’s consent. To inquire about rules, restrictions, and permitting for Fayette County and its municipalities, contact the Film Fayette Team (