Square Feet of World-Class Data Center Space

200 MVA

Potential Baseload Power (88 MVA Now)


Long Haul and 10 Local Network Providers


Relief from State & Local Taxes


Acres Available for Development

Located just 18 miles south of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Fayette’s data center campus offers 1.1 m SF of built-to-suite space on 123 acres.

Readily Available and Affordable Power Adjacent to the site is an 88 MVA substation (expandable to 200+ MVA) with a 230 kV Power line. Electricity pricing in Georgia is below the national average and highly competitive with other major data center markets.
Robust Fiber Infrastructure Fayette’s data center campus offers access to eight long-haul fiber roots in Atlanta as well local fiber network providers.
Low Natural Disaster Risk Fayette is relatively free from natural disaster threats.
Data Center Incentives Georgia offers sales-and-use tax exemptions for qualifying data centers and high technology companies, which has attracted companies like Google and Facebook, among several others.

Location Highlights

  • Corner of Highway 54 and Veterans Parkway
  • Existing and planned fiber adjacent to the site
  • Hwy 54 Substation (230 KV) abuts the site
  • 230 KV Power Line runs to substation
  • 18.2 miles (25 minutes) to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Master Plan Example

Master Plan Example