Fayette offers a variety of quality communities. The average sales price for a single-family home in Fayette is $243,000. From apartments, condos, single-family homes or homes with acreage for horses, Fayette is known for its easy access to urban amenities and small-town living without the drawback of either.

Picture of houses at Pinewood Forest

Looking for a truly unique home experience?

Check out Pinewood Forest. Adjacent to Pinewood Atlanta Studios, Pinewood Forest, is the first-of-its-kind community designed for storytellers, entrepreneurs, and creators. The 234-acres for 1,200 residencies is designed to inspire creativity with a boutique hotel, wellness center, and more than a quarter million-square-feet of office, restaurant, and retail space.

A Neighborhood for Every Lifestyle

Whether its Fayetteville with its historic town center, Peachtree City with more than 100 miles of cart paths, Tyrone with its easy interstate access, the villages of Brooks and Woolsey, or the more rural areas in between with wide open spaces, Fayette has the living experience that fits your needs.

Picture of historic Fayetteville house and horses grazing